Sun Series

The Sun, Spring, and Summer Tankless Water Heaters has swept the industry with its most condensing technology. Recycling the heat from water vapor. Offering thermal efficiencies as high as 107.5%!

The Innovator of Condensing Technology

QL Heat Energy is constantly developing innovating products that help improves energetic performance. Simultaneously, manufacturing heat exchangers and boilers. We are one of the first in the industry to create production standards and implement such practices in the domestic industry. We are successful due to our devotion to using the

Gas boiler

About Us

We are a leader in the industry for manufacturing and exporting gas tankless water heater and heat exchangers. Our main concentration lies with manufacturing series of gas tankless water heaters series including the Spring, Summer, and Sun. These heaters are field convertible gas system with dual stainless steel heat exchangers. The heaters are an ultra condensing efficiency and low NOx emission. The heat exchangers component are made of either bithermic heat exchangers, mono heat exchangers, friendly environment pipe heat exchangers, and condensing heat exchangers. We offer over one hundred products with our products sold worldwide.


We design and manufacture your product.

According to the requirement of customers,we can specialize in designing and manufacturing heat exchanger and accessories(such as Burner, etc.)



With more than 30 years, we are the one of leading manufacturers and exporters of heat exchanger.



We also were awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Due to our reliable quality and service.


Full service

From initiating drawing and design to end fabrication and volume production. – We do it all!