Condensing Heat Exchanger: QILING14-LN

Power/Efficiency Bundles of Helical Tube L(mm)/HE
18Kw 3+1 182.5
24Kw 4+1 215
28Kw 4+1 215
32Kw 4+2 247.5
36Kw 5+2 280

Product Description

Adopts premixed combustion method with burning fully and has higher thermal efficiency. It used condensate methods to exchange thermal, and absorbed full preheat of gas with lower gas consumption, which can be used in 18KW-60KW Gas Boiler. Testing through China Quality Supervising and Test Center For Gas Appliances (CGAC), in rated thermal load, the efficiency reached 98.4% with our condensing heat exchanger component inside 24KW boiler, CO emission was below 100PPM, NOx64mg/KWH, heating part efficiency was 106.5%, which reached the first grade National Energy Efficiency Standards. In 2012, this type of product passed the technological research achievements identification by Sichuan Science and Technology Department organized, the main performance had reached the advanced standard of foreign same kind of product, which also had filled the gas of national field. In 2008, it gained national utility model patent (ZL2007 20079663.2).


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